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Stephan Athanas
Samiha Ben Sad
Bernard Vidal
Benji Fellous
Samir Ferjani
Tony Renold
Dave Feusi
Christoph Grab
Stephan Athanas (CH/GB): composition, Arrangements, Bass

Stephan Athanas was born in Switzerland as the son of a Greek - Turkish carpet dealer and a Swiss mother. He studied Jazz, Classical - and Film - Music in Switzerland and USA. He teaches at the Media Arts departement of the Fachhochschule Aargau and at the Musikhochschule in Lucerne.(Switzerland) Encouraged by different cultural Institutions (Pro Helvetia, Kuratorium Aargau, Berklee School of Music, Konferenz der Schweizer Städte für Kulturfragen) he spent a lot of time in foreign countries, where he studied music and initiated different multi - national - cultural music projects: The ContempArabic Jazz Ensemble (Egypt, Tunesia, France, Switzerland) (CD - ?Welcome to Egypt?, Musicora 10001-2), atHAnas paTON vidAL (USA, France, Switzerland), Athanas - Novotny (CZ - CH). Athanas also writes music for art videos, documentaries and theatre and studied composition recently with Dieter Schnebel, Dieter Amman, Christoph Baumann and others.

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